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Here at attend2IT we do Events, we are passionate about the industry.  It’s quirks and demands are very different from many other sectors.  Having successfully deployed over 1000 temporary events for our customers we also offer them IT support for when they are back in the office.

By allowing attend2IT into the office we can ensure when your event is on we can extend the office network so it felt like you never left.

In the office

From leased lines to phones and software. We’ve got you covered.

We understand the pressure of working towards an event, the unmovable timelines and quick turnarounds required.

We can offer the following services:-

Connectivity (Leased lines, ADSL, FTTC)

Our solutions are deliberately varied.  A leased line for a large customer in the city is not a good fit for a smaller operation in a rural area.

We have relationships with TalkTalk, Virgin and BT Wholesale as well as the leading WISPs (Wireless ISPs) to ensure you get the best deal. learn more

Software (Organiser Portal, client booking)

There is a full range of software available to help you complete you work.  We offer the regular Microsoft versions as well as some different products that can achieve the same for less.

Software should be seen as part of the solution with all the elements coming together.  If not work becomes fragmented and complex. Learn more

Telephones (Cheap voice over IP)

We can offer a full telephone system that you can move out of the office. We are a full VoIP provider, not a re-seller. This means cheaper pricing and a feature rich environment. Learn more

Onsite Services

On-site we excel.  We can extend your office network so staff automatically log on when they arrive. Phones can be moved so they are available from site. You can even transfer calls from the office to site and back again!

we also offer multiple of different services that can be used throughout your event this includes own ticketing.scanning,CCTV and even payment. If you are interested in an of those services please click on the link to be transferring to our main website to learn more.

We can offer:-

Production WiFi

Attend2IT has been providing high-quality event WiFi services to the events industry for more than nine years. From a reliable connection for a photo booth at a social event to 20,000+ visitors at an outdoor greenfield event. Learn more here


VoIP (Voice over IP) is a way of reliably connecting telephones over the internet and is now used throughout enterprise setups across the world. Because the majority of the connection is done over the internet. learn more here


We have been providing fast, reliable ticketing services to the events industry for more than nine years. From a registration system in eight locations for a large communications provider to a large history festival. learn more here

Payment machines

With your organisers portal you can monitor cash and stock levels at every sale location you can also choose to be notified by email or text message as well. learn more here


Becoming more important across the events sector CCTV could be an expensive requirement.  However when used in conjunction with our infrastructure (WiFi, Ticketing or Event Apps) you can save a lot of money. learn more here


We are very pleased and happy with the work carried out by attend2IT, there is always a solution to any issues. On site they go above and beyond and help the team when needed. We continue to work with them and developing our business with them. – J Wells, War and Peace Revival

attend2IT have consistently delivered a good service over the 3 years we have worked with them. For the first time we have a reliable WiFi network across our events. The attend2IT team are professional and their unique approach to exhibitor Wi-Fi removes workload from us the organisers whilst keeping our clients happy. – Stuart, LAMMA

It is not often that a company lives up to its branding, but attend2IT do exactly that. We have always been impressed with the expertise and professionalism of everyone in the team and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. – C Allen, Birdfair

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