Offices & Venues

Venue Infrastructure

One of the biggest issues venues face is scaling their network.

We offer a service which scales all the way from your everyday basic needs to the largest scale events. Working alongside our hire department, we can offer you a flexible and quick adaptable solution.

Office Infrastructure

We offer a complete package that supports you from your office to the site of your event. Your IT infrastructure will be configured in such a way that you will feel like you never left the office.

Our services allow you to move all your existing services to your event office with minimal fuss. From just E-mail, to a whole office network, we can help.

There is no one solution fits all so get in touch for more information, but a selections of our solutions are below.

£5 Per Month
£600 Install
Enterprise Router
2 x Ubiquiti Access Points
8 Port Switch
Configuration of Kit
DSL Extra
Large Office
£20+ Per Month
£1,200+ Install
Enterprise Router
Ubiquiti Access Points
Multiple Switches
Configuration of Kit
Leased Line Extra
Fail-over Available
£POA Per Month
£POA Install
Bespoke Solution
Ruckus Wireless
Managed Switches
Configuration of Kit
Leased Line Extra
HA Available


Complete Solution

We can offer complete solution deals for Connectivity, Infrastructure and Phones. So get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements and we can find the best deal that suits you.